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Our FAQs

We know that getting a tattoo is a big deal and you might have a lot of questions. We want to make sure you feel comfortable and happy with your tattoo. That’s why we focus on what’s important to you and create amazing designs that meet your expectations.
To make things easier for you, we’ve put together a list of common questions people ask about getting a tattoo. We hope this will help you feel more confident and excited about your decision.

The studio

Please use our Contact form for all appointment inquiries. This will ask you for all the information we need. You can also reach the studio by phone at 07979 192756

Consultations are free, but you need to schedule these in advance. You are welcome to come into the studio at any time to discuss your ideas with one of our front desk team members. But, if you need to speak with a specific artist, please schedule a consultation with them.

Not at the moment but we plan to do so soon.

Eternal Souls are open 10:00 AM – 5:30 PM, Monday to Saturday but we close earlier at 2:00 PM on Tuesday. We close on Sundays and Bank Holidays.

01922 909762

This also works for reaching us on WhatsApp

Yes, of course. Check out our social media pages to see the latest tattoo pictures and videos by our artists.

We encourage it. It’s a good idea to get acquainted with your chosen artist’s style. You can view galleries of each of our artists’ work from the Artists page of our website.

Yes, we do cover-ups, but let’s meet for a consultation to see if it’s right for you.

Yes, we are, it is step-free access to the studio from the street and we will be happy to accommodate you in any way we can.

No, only those 18 and older can come in. Kids, even well-behaved ones, have weaker immune systems and shouldn’t be in a tattoo studio.

We do not have a laser removal service here currently.

Yes, we’re a licensed studio with top hygiene standards. We use single-use needles and adhere to strict health guidelines. We also work with licensed medical waste and sharp disposal companies.

Tattoo design

We encourage you to pop into the studio and chat with us about your ideas. If it is difficult for you to get to the studio feel free to contact us first. If you’d like to speak with a particular artist, give us a call or email us to book a consultation.

Yes, we tattoo all sorts of designs: small and large, simple and complex.

Any designs you bring in are usually redrawn by our artists. This way, we can make any changes necessary for the design to look good in its specific placement on your skin. The artist may also change or simplify lines to make the tattoo look neater and last longer.

Yes, we can create a custom tattoo for you. Bring reference images to show us your ideas. You can use art, photos, or other tattoos, but we won’t copy another artist’s work.

To discuss your design, please tell us these details about your tattoo idea:

  • a brief description of the idea
  • any reference images you have
  • style (realistic/traditional etc)
  • colour or black and grey
  • placement
  • approximate size in cm
  • which artist you are looking to book with
The sides of the fingers/palms, the inner lip, and the soles of the feet are the only areas of the body where we do not tattoo. These areas are notorious for being difficult to heal and prone to drop-outs.
We can tattoo the tops of hands, necks, and faces, but only after a consultation.
We won’t copy another artist’s design, but we can use it for inspiration and make a unique version for you.

Yes. Our artists will be able to tell you what size would be appropriate for your particular design.

Consider what tattoos you want, even if they aren’t for a cover-up. Bring your ideas and designs to the studio. We’ll assist you in selecting the best one to cover up your old tattoo with a new, exciting look.

Yes. Make sure to inform your artist of any colour preferences you may have. They will be happy to assist you in coming up with a solution.

Yes. But please keep in mind that the spelling of the tattoo is your responsibility, as we use what you give us. As for symbols and words in other languages, it’s also best if you also do your research and fact-check them.

If a tattoo design has a lot of intricate details, it will need to be larger in size to ensure the lines are sharp and clear. But, cramming too much detail into a small area can result in a messy-looking tattoo that won’t age well. If you provide us with a detailed design, we can simplify it to make it suitable for a smaller area of skin.

Yes! Black ink might be less contrasting on dark skin. But we can adjust the tattoo’s style and size to make it visible and as eye-catching.

Costs & payment

We don’t charge extra for design. Once we discuss the design and set your appointment, the artist will draw it for that day. If needed, we can make small changes on the appointment day itself.

No. Consultations are always free.

Yes. There is a booking fee if you want to book an appointment with one of our tattoo artists. This fee is non-refundable, but we deduct it from the total cost of your tattoo. We will not confirm your appointment until we receive the booking fee. We will send you a payment confirmation email.

Initial consultations are free, and you are welcome to come into the studio to discuss your ideas with us. But, we do need a booking fee to set an appointment for the actual tattooing.

Since artists work at different speeds, one fixed hourly rate can be unclear. Instead, we give a price range for your design with a specific artist, assuming no late changes to size or design. This pricing is clearer and means you don’t need to watch the clock!

The cost depends on the final design and your tattoo artist’s time on the day. We will give an estimate beforehand, but we’ll know the exact cost only at the end of your appointment.

During your consultation at the studio (or by email), the artist can give you a rough price estimate. But, various factors determine the tattoo’s cost. We can only calculate the exact price after completing all the work. We usually provide a price range. As long as there aren’t any drastic changes, your tattoo will fall within that range.

Currently, we don’t accept credit card payments for booking fees over the phone or in the studio, but we will soon. For the final payment when your tattoo is complete, we only accept cash. We’ll deduct your booking fee from the final cost.

Yes for the Deposit or Booking fee as well as the final payment when your tattoo is complete. We deduct your booking fee from the final cost.

We do not currently offer a tattoo financing payment plan.

Nope, sorry. But you will be able to change your appointment date with at least 3 days’ notice.

Your appointment

All our consultations are free, but you must schedule them in advance. You are welcome to come into the studio any time to discuss your ideas with one of our front desk staff. But you need to make an appointment to speak with a specific artist.

How far in advance you need to book your appointment will depend on some factors, including:

  • which artist do you wish to book in with
  • the time of year, including bank holidays
  • your own flexibility with when you are free
  • how long your appointment will be

For the latest info on artist waiting lists or the studio, please call us at 07979 192756.

You can use the contact form on our website. Or, you can call us at 07979 1927563 or pop into the studio to discuss your ideas and book an appointment.

You must be 18 or over to have a tattoo and you need to show ID on the day of your appointment. (We cannot accept parental consent for those under 18).
We unfortunately cannot tattoo you if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
Tell your artist about any medical issues, like blood-borne viruses. You can tell them during your consultation or before booking.
Avoid swimming and too much sun, including sunbeds, for the first few weeks of healing.
We recommend a good meal before then. Too much alcohol the night before is also not a good idea because it can thin the blood. Please be aware that we will not tattoo anyone who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
We will shave the tattoo area for you, please do not do this yourself.

While it is fine to bring a friend with you it may not be possible for them to stay with you in the studio. We will always try and accommodate people. But due to space limitations, there may not be enough room to fit an extra person in. In this case, they will be more than welcome to pop in and see you during your appointment.

Nope! Your immune system must be at its peak in order for your tattoo to heal. For health and safety, our tattoo studio keeps everything very clean and sanitary.
If you are ill and it is more than 7 days till your appointment, please let us know. We can then reschedule for when you are feeling better.
If you become ill within 7 days of your appointment, please notify us as soon as possible. We can try to fill the space. The more time we have to do this, the more likely we are to fill your space and thus refund your booking fee.
Do get a good night’s sleep and eat a proper meal before coming in for your tattoo. Shower beforehand and avoid perfumes or colognes.
Make sure to show up on time for your appointment, or a bit earlier if you can. We also recommend skimming through the rest of this FAQ. There is other information you might find useful.
Do not drink alcohol or take any recreational drugs. We can’t tattoo you if you arrive in a state of intoxication, and you will lose your deposit.

Wearing comfortable clothes that are easy to put on and take off is important. This is necessary if you’re getting a tattoo on a part of your body that is usually covered, such as your chest or thigh. It’s also a good idea to wear clothes that you don’t mind getting a little ink or blood on.

We accept passports and driving licenses.

No, sorry! But taking painkillers can make you bleed easier, making it harder to get a tattoo.

How do you react to a scratch or a cut? If you can tolerate the pain, you should be fine getting tattooed. But we understand that many people worry about the pain of tattooing. If so please discuss your concerns with us and we will do our best to assist you.


Your tattoo artist will tell you how to take care of your new tattoo after your appointment. They will provide you with a guide before you leave. It takes a few weeks for a tattoo to heal, so treat it like a sunburn or scrape during that time.
Your tattoo artist will cover your tattoo with a bandage to stop airborne germs from getting in. You should keep it on for several hours. When you take it off, use warm water and mild soap to wash the tattoo with your hands. You can shower, but don’t soak your tattoo in water such as in pools or hot tubs.
After a few days, the skin around your tattoo will start to flake and peel. Don’t scratch it or pick at it. Instead, apply unscented lotion often to help it heal and to stop itching. Itching means your tattoo is healing, so don’t worry too much.
Definitely. When you get a new tattoo, the top layer of your skin (called the epidermis) becomes damaged. This leaves the sensitive layer underneath (the dermis) exposed to the sun’s rays. Even if you have older tattoos, it’s important to protect them from the sun to prevent the ink from fading.
We always recommend using high-factor sunscreen to protect your tattoos from the sun.
Yes, it’s okay and actually recommended to shower with a new tattoo. But it’s important to avoid getting shampoo or scented soaps on the tattooed area. After showering, pat the tattoo dry. Apply some unscented lotion to keep it moisturised.
But, you should avoid soaking the new tattoo in water, as this can create a breeding ground for bacteria. This means you should avoid taking baths, going swimming in pools, or using hot tubs for at least a couple of weeks.
If you follow all the aftercare advice for your tattoo, it’s unlikely it will get infected. But if you think your tattoo might be, contact your artist. They have experience and can tell if it’s normal healing or a real infection.
If infected, the artist will tell you to see a doctor for medicine. You may need antibiotic pills or cream. It’s important to keep the infected area clean and dry, so don’t get it wet while you are using the medicine.

When you get a tattoo, it damages the top layer of your skin called the epidermis. This causes the skin to flake off as it heals. It’s like a sunburn or scrape. The ink from the tattoo is deposited in the layer below your epidermis called the dermis. The ink will stay there even as the top layer of skin flakes off and the rest of your skin heals.

Our advice is that it’s best not to do any strenuous exercise for 1 to 2 weeks after getting a tattoo. If you stretch your skin too much during exercise, it can slow down the healing process. This might mean that your tattoo won’t look as nice in the future.

Generally, it will look healed within 2-3 weeks. But, it could appear somewhat shiny for a while longer. The skin below the surface layers usually takes longer to recover, sometimes up to 2-4 months.

No, don’t use a razor on your new tattoo! Like sunburn or a scrape, shaving over a fresh tattoo can slow down the healing process. This will then affect the appearance of your tattoo. Wait until your skin has stopped flaking and is no longer sensitive before shaving over the area. Also, don’t use harsh chemicals or hot wax on your new tattoo.

Yes, getting a tattoo won’t harm your hair follicles. If you get a tattoo in a hairy area, the hair might cover the tattoo if it is not trimmed. Before the tattooing process, your artist will shave the area. The tattoo will be hair-free while it’s healing, and you won’t want to use a razor on delicate skin.

Over time, tattoos may fade. But you can take care of them to prevent fading and maintain their boldness and beauty for a long time.

When you first get a tattoo, ink is in both the dermis and the epidermis (the deep and surface layers of your skin). The ink in the deep layer will stay forever, but the surface layer will flake off as new skin grows. Once your tattoo heals, a thin layer of new skin cells will cover it.

Your tattoo will only ever expand or reduce at the same rate as your skin, it will not distort in shape.